About Us

Progresswear offers vehicles delivering clever, well designed and politically charged messages, and a few choices on the lighter side as well. We've also added a number of selections from our other line; TypographyShop.

Our tag line, "Progressive thought. Well defined, well designed" is our credo. Borne of deep political passion, our messages are from the heart.

Progresswear was originally founded in 2006 by painter and designer Patrick King, who was frustrated by the weak messages of most of the socially conscious t-shirts he noticed. The war in Iraq and an unchecked administration fueled by post 9.11 xenophobic patriotism had fostered an activism unseen since the 1960s and Progresswear was there, offering t-shirts such as LIERAQ, Practice Safe Secularism and Intelligent Design Isn't. 

As the Bush years wore down and a new world order seemed to have arrived with the election of Barack Obama, Progresswear was set aside and King concentrated his efforts on TypographyShop, which featured items celebrating typography, design and the advertising fields. 

With the election of Donald J. Trump a new activist spirit has been activated and Progresswear looks forward to addressing the issues of the moment.