A relaunch of Progresswear.

I'm very excited to be relaunching Progresswear, the political t-shirt line I founded in 2006 in response to the war in Iraq, featuring powerful political messages along with a few lighthearted selections. 

With the election of Donald Trump and the conservative congressional majority he ushered in, we've had a tsunami of anti-Progressive legislation, threats to our civil liberties and a political environment that can only be described as toxic.

A new resistance has awakened in its wake. Americans - and citizens of the world are standing up to tyranny, fascism and climate denial in numbers never seen before.

Progresswear will be addressing these issues and more. And we hope to throw in some levity while we're at it.

We're launching today with a single t-shirt, Believe in Science as we want to make it available for anyone attending the March for Science in Washington on April 22.

Stop back often as we'll be adding new designs and reprinting some old ones very soon.

My best to you all,  

Patrick King