Progresswear is back. Wear your brain where people can see it.

We're very excited to be relaunching Progresswear, featuring powerful political messages along with designs from our other line; TypographyShop as well as a few lighthearted selections. We originally founded Progresswear in 2006 in response to the war in Iraq and other issues about which Progressives were passionate. With the election of Donald Trump and the conservative congressional majority he ushered in, we've had a tsunami of anti-Progressive legislation, threats to our civil liberties and a political environment that can only be described as toxic. A new resistance has erupted in its wake. Americans and citizens of the world are standing up to tyranny, fascism and climate denial in numbers never seen before. Progresswear will be addressing these issues and more. 

New selections are coming soon. Political, typographic and then some. 

TypographyShop Buyers showing their love.

Our customers love sharing photos of them wearing our gear. We'll be adding an extensive buyers gallery soon. We'd love to see photos of you wearing us. Mail them to